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Many eons ago I used to operate a BBS called "Muinet" in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. Said BBS featured a number of custom multi-user games which I have now resurrected and made available on the internet (an entertaining little programming exercise to say the least). Call it my gift to all the young-at-heart old school text gamers who might still be out there

For a "more than you ever wanted to know about it" history of the The Realm of Angmar, Swords of Chaos, Lords of Cyberspace, Galactic Conquest, Milieu, The Scepter of Goth, GamBit, MECC, Ghostwheel, Wintermute, MERITSS, MUG, COMBAT (and on and on), here ya go -

The History of Muinet

If you'd like to actually play these games again, you can do so here -

The Muinet BBS (use "muinet" for the login and "muinet" for the password).

If you'd prefer to access my BBS using a terminal app, ssh is also an option -

ssh -p 2233 (password is "muinet")

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