Herb & Dee - An Erotic Tale of Incest Between Aunt & Nephew

Delight Simmons was a tall, full-bodied woman of forty-two. Green-eyed, fair of skin, and with a silky cascade of raven-black hair, she was stunningly sexy for a middle-aged woman. Sadly, having been raised as something of a religious prude, she had never met a man who could live up to her restrictive sexual mores. And now, with menopause looming, she found herself an achingly unfulfilled and uncourted virgin. Rattling around in her empty house, hers was a lonely and schoolmarmish life of housework, bible study and Victorian celibacy. However, Dee's dirty little secret was that just beneath that puritanical facade there bubbled a steaming cauldron of repressed sexual energy and shameful carnal desires scarcely contained.

Little did Dee know it, but her life of prudish chastity was about to be turned upside down in shocking and scandalous fashion when, from completely out of the blue, her wayward seventeen year-old nephew Herb had shown up at her door. Still just in high school, Herb was a wild and libidinous lad. Blessed with movie star looks and a huge cock, Herb was always on the lookout for his next fuck. Unfortunately for Herb, his wanton ways had recently earned him a trip to a religious reform school (courtesy of his bible-thumping parents). However, that didn't last long as Herb had run away at the first available opportunity. And now, with no place else to go, he had asked his curvaceous Aunt Dee to put him up while he figured out what he was going to do with himself. And little did he know where that fateful decision would soon lead him......

The day Herb moved in, Dee had immediately sat her nephew down and subjected him to a nigh endless series of clucking lectures - all of which seemed to revolve around the perils and pitfalls of lust, sex and self abuse.

"Now, I don't know all the lurid details of your recent troubles Herbie, nor do I want to. But if you were to start behaving yourself, avoid immoral thoughts and exercise some, ah, 'self control', there's no reason why you shouldn't turn out to be quite a decent young person", the voluptuous middle-aged woman said as she regarded her young nephew.

"The Lord has a plan for us all you know, and some day a special Christian girl will come along and you should save yourself for her love" Aunt Dee said, patting the boy's leg affectionately. "Um, you're a very attractive young man, you know Herbie. I think any proper and decent young girl would be lucky to have you."

"Thanks, Aunt Dee. So, is that what you've been doing? Saving yourself for a special man?" Herb asked innocently.

"And why not?" Dee countered. "What is wrong with saving oneself for the right person?"

"Well sure, I guess. But it seems like you don't approve of any, uh, 'physical love'" Herb said, emphasizing the last two words with air quotes.

Her cheeks flushing a deep crimson, Dee felt her vagina beginning to grow moist at the mere mention of sexual intercourse. "Well yes, of course there are wifely, ah, 'duties' that a woman must perform, no matter how distasteful they may be to her personally...." she said, trailing off nervously. "That is to say, ah... there are certain animalistic physical acts that even a proper Christian woman must tolerate in the name of marital procreation. But of course anything beyond that is base carnality and a sin in the eyes of the Lord!". Checking her wristwatch, Dee suddenly looked a bit flustered and didn't seem to want to continue this conversation with her nephew any longer.

"Well then, I have to get ready to go out Herbie. Go ahead and get yourself situated while I'm away, will you? And just you remember young man, zippers stay zipped in this house. So keep it that way or you'll be in for a good tongue-lashing!"

"Yes'm," Herb said and then shook his head as he watched the departing figure of his aunt. Poor Auntie Dee. She wanted to make out that she was such a prude, but his very real suspicion was that under that priggish exterior she ached for a prick and had a desperate yen to be fucked. There had been this 40-ish housemother back at the reform school who had been very much like Aunt Dee; always preaching against sex and lust and the sins of the flesh. Or at least she did up until the day he surprised her by lifting up her skirt, pulling down her panties and licking her hot little clitty until she came like a horny schoolgirl.

"Well, Auntie Dee... I guess we'll just see who winds up getting tongue-lashed around here first....." the boy thought to himself and then started unpacking his things.

Back in her bedroom, Dee found herself feeling thoroughly twitterpated after spending so much time talking to her handsome and virile young nephew about sex. Now, normally when the sinful "urges" came, she would run herself a cold, bracing bath in which to soak her aching nether regions and quell the unwanted burning sensations that eminated from between her thighs. But not so this time. Rather, she stripped off her confining, conservative clothing and ran herself a luxurious bath of warm water and salts.

Once the tub had filled, Dee slipped into the warm water with a longing sigh.

Ashamed at her lack of self control and feeling very much the hypocrite, her fingers nevertheless strayed down to her burning vulva. The warm water felt good, but the touch of her fingers as she caressed her thick labia and pressed down on her hard little clitoris felt even better.

Repressing her sinful masturbatory urges was something that Dee had become quite adept at over the three decades of her chaste womanhood. But things suddenly felt different now, changed somehow, and as her fingers slipped around the folds of her intimate female flesh, the voluptuous forty-two year-old woman found herself yearning for a cock like never before.

She briefly thought of her dildo and her movie magazines; shamefully hidden away in the nightstand next to her lonely bed. But this time she knew that she needed the real thing. After 30 years of frustrated celibacy, she desperately craved the feel of a man's hot, stiff cock; smooth as velvet to the touch, but hard as a rock as it slid up inside her....

The virginal woman looked at the reflection of her curvacious bottom in the mirror and her thoughts salaciously turned to her young nephew and all the times she'd caught him brazenly ogling her rear end. Tantalizingly near, the libertine seventeen year-old boy would certainly be in shape to satisfy her burning womanly needs. Perhaps she might invite him in and allow the boy to see those fleshy globes that he seemed to find so irresistable......

Mmmmmmmm yes, and then when his penis started to stand up stiff and hard, she'd lewdly offer to take it into her mouth to make it harder still....

Then, she'd let him kiss her breasts and finger her vagina until he could control himself no longer.....

Only then, when his rod was rock hard and swollen with blood, would she let him slide it into her warm, wet slit. She would make him take her again and again, long and hard, until his boyish pecker could get stiff no more and all of her sinful desires were at long last sated. She had but to call out to him....

With a start, Dee suddenly realized that what she was contemplating was utter madness. Furious at her weakness for even entertaining such shameful thoughts, she turned on the cold water tap and positioned her burning quim under the gushing stream. She nearly let out a scream as the icy waters pummeled her turgid vagina, but soon enough the flames of her incestuous carnal desires were extinguished - at least for the moment......

After a restive night, Dee awoke the following morning feeling guilty about her sinful thoughts of the day before; and so, got dressed extra early for church. Feeling compelled to put her young nephew back on the straight-and-narrow, she decided that she was going to drag the boy along with her - whether he liked it or not. However, as she was about to knock on the door to his room, she was shocked to hear the telltale sounds of a teenaged boy being very naughty with himself. Outraged, she turned the knob and opened the door unannounced...

Dee gasped in shock when she saw her seventeen year-old nephew laying on his bed stroking his gigantic penis. Scandalized, she threw the door open wide.

"What on earth is going on in here?!" Dee demanded, as yet unaware that the gooey issue of a fresh ejaculation was even now oozing down the stiff shaft of the boy's long cock.

Suddenly feeling light-headed, Dee stopped and stared in stunned silence at her nephew. Having never actually seen an erect penis "in the flesh" before, the repressed and prudish middle-aged woman stood transfixed, her eyes locked on the boy's thick rod. Once again bedeviled by forbidden urges, she started feeling very hot and wet "down there", and much to her shame and regret she had to fight a very real desire to fling off her dress, pull down her panties...

...and join her horny young nephew in his bed!

With her vagina rapidly turning into a swamp, Dee desperately tried to suppress the base and sinful desires that were threatening to overwhelm her. But ohhhhh, how she longed to lovingly wrap her fingers around her nephew's enormous cock...

To wantonly take its engorged length into her mouth......

...and then fellate him until he blessed her with his sweet, youthful essence...... Mmmmmmmmmm.......

Decades of repressed womanly desire washed over Dee as she next imagined herself getting down on her hands and knees like some rutting beast and brazenly presenting herself for the boy's pleasure......

Like a filthy animal, she would let him have his way with her from behind......

...until his penis exploded and flooded her vagina with its warm, fertile seed..... Ohhhhhhhhh.....

With all of her most sinful sexual fantasies suddenly welling up from deep within the recesses of her repressed libido, Dee next imagined herself spreading her legs wide like some brazen strumpet......

...and then sluttishly inviting the boy to take her like a sodomite......

Like a dirty harlot, I'd make myself ready for him......

And then we'd be......

And then... Ohhhhhhh........

Dee's vulva gushed between her thighs at the thought of her nephew filling her rectum with his thick ejaculate.

Never before had Dee so longed for a hot, stiff cock. And here was her handsome nephew, all naked and hard and ready to satisfy her burning desires. Dare she show her willingness?

Feeling her moral self-control rapidly crumbling, Dee prayed desperately for strength and somehow managed to tear her eyes away from her nephew's enormous penis. Then, with her eyes closed tightly, she took several long, deep breaths and slowly regained her composure. In the meantime, Herb had taken the opportunity to quickly hide the magazine he'd been using and then pull up his undershorts. Thoroughly embarrassed, he then stared straight up at the ceiling in an attempt to avoid his aunt's gaze, his hands strategically placed over the gooey cum stains on his crotch. But when his aunt bent over and started rummaging around underneath his bedsheets, the boy couldn't resist stealing a look at her long legs and her large, round ass.

Her outrage restored, Dee did her best to ignore the warm wetness still evident between her thighs and turned her attention back to Herb. "Well, young man?" she demanded as she continued her search, "What did you hide here, eh? Something filthy and sinful, I'll warrant!"

Herb's balls ached as he stared at his aunt's ass, trying to picture what she would look like naked.

Then he started to fantasize about what it would be like to spread those fleshy ass-cheeks apart...

....and thrust his ten inches of steel-hard gristle up into his aunt's hairy cunt.

"Wow, a virgin cougar", the boy thought excitedly. "I'll bet her pussy is super tight!"

The idea of making his aunt take his full ten inches of cock and then shooting his load of hot spunk all over her fat ass, with her squirming and hollering all the while, excited the boy and made his balls hurt even more. And little did he realize it, but his aunt had been harboring similar thoughts scant moments before!

As the boy pictured pumping his aunt's tight cunny full of his slippery jiz, it was all he could do to not reach down, grab ahold of his pecker, and start pulling his pud all over again!

"Why, you filthy little brute!" Aunt Dee exclaimed as she discovered the magazine that Herb had hidden under his sheets. "I suspected as much!"

Bent over as she was, Herb could see his aunt's thighs under her dress, and if he craned his neck a bit, he could just catch a glimpse of her pendulous tits, their perky little nipples straining against the fabric of her dress. The boy's prick became rock-hard when he realized just how much he wanted to get his nuts off inside of this woman, his Auntie Dee. Aunt or not, she sure had all the equipment!

Dee stood up straight, holding his magazine with its brightly colored photographs. "Anal Milfs" was the title, although he just called it his "fuck book".

"This, this horrible filth, Herbie, where on earth did you get this degenerate trash??" Dee demanded, contemptuously holding the magazine between two fingers as if it were dripping with spunk and cunt juice. "And hiding it under your sheets like a thief! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"That's mine," Herb said reaching for the magazine. "You leave it alone!"

"I certainly will do no such thing," Aunt Dee snapped. "I'm confiscating it, and don't you ever let me catch you with anything like this again or I'll call your father!"

Herb wanted to blurt out that he had swiped the magazine from his hypocritical father's desk drawer during his last visit home, but decided to keep his mouth shut.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Aunt Dee chided. "Don't you know what it does to a young boy to look at pictures of a woman's private parts? Do you want to grow up to be a dirty minded pervert?!"

"I'm not a pervert and I didn't do anything wrong!" Herb exclaimed, waiving his arms in exasperation and forgetting about the wet spot on his undershorts.

Dee gasped when she saw the slick cum stains. "Well of all the-!" she exclaimed, and raised her hands as if to slap the boy. But then she let them drop, and her tits jiggled in her dress as she instead reached for his ear and took it between two fingers. "Nothing wrong?? You disgusting little beast!" Dee shrilled at her nephew. "You became so excited looking at these lascivious pictures that you soiled yourself! Have you no shame??"

Dee narrowed her green eyes and put her pretty face right next to Herb's freckled boy's features. "If you weren't so big..." she said. "Even so, I've a good mind to take down your underpants and give you a good licking - on the bare!"

The idea of lying bare naked across his aunt's lap made Herb's cock stiffen even more. Now if Auntie Dee's lap happened to be bare too... the thought of his stiff prick probing between her firm thighs brought him to a full hard-on.

"Now, you just stay up here in your room, young man, you're grounded!" Dee said sternly, "and don't you think I won't tell your parents about this!" she said pointedly as she held up the magazine and sailed out.

Herb fell back on his bed with a sigh, his cock throbbing in his undershorts. He opened up the flap, letting it spring out, and then stroked its sticky length as he fantasized about his aunt's glorious ass.

Herb had ass-fucked his share of slutty little girls during his young teen years, but none of them had butts that could compare to his Auntie Dee's. So big and round and firm, those skinny little girl rear ends couldn't hold a candle to Auntie Dee's perfect, grownup lady's ass!

"Does she even have any idea just how hot she is?? What a waste!" Herb thought to himself in frustration as his imagination conjured up images of his aunt bent over and ready for fucking.

Herb had always been obsessed with women's rear ends in general, but it was their tight little buttholes that really drove him wild with desire. And so it was no surprise that he was soon imagining his aunt with her ass-cheeks spread wide and her asshole peeking out at him from between those womanly globes of flesh.

With her, he'd start out with some good old-fashioned cunny fucking first, but then maybe sneak a finger up her ass to really get things going...

Then, once his pecker was all wet and slippery with cunt juice and she'd gotten nicely hot and bothered, he'd pull his cock out of her pussy and ram it right up her rosy bunghole......

Sure, she'd probably freak at first, but soon enough they all wind up loving it just as much as I do. Or at least the dirty, slutty ones do.

Thinking back on his aunt's obsessive "all sex is sinful" lectures of the day before, Herb decided that something was just a bit off about the whole thing. "I wonder just what it is she gets up to around here when no one is looking", Herb thought to himself. "I dunno, there's just something about Auntie Dee that makes me think she's not quite as prim and proper as she pretends to be....."

Thoroughly aroused, Herb started stroking his cock even faster. The thought of fucking his sexy middle-aged aunt in her big, round ass was what had been keeping the boy's prick stiff from practically the moment he'd arrived.....

But of course now he'd pissed her off and the already slim odds of that ever happening appeared to have vanished entirely. "Way to go, buddy", he thought to himself ruefully. "You couldn't keep your hands off your pecker long enough to see if there wasn't some way to get the real thing first?"

"Maybe you'd be creaming up inside her ass right now, instead of just jerking off like some little kid!"

Flashing back in time, Herb pictured his Auntie Dee, his mother's spinsterish older sister, as she had been five years ago when she had come to stay with Herb and his parents. And although he had only been a boy of twelve at the time, the shapely thirty-seven year-old woman had even then given him a strange twinge in his childish groin.

The pre-teen boy was nowhere near mature enough to understand why, but for some reason being around his Auntie Dee made his little penis feel all funny. And actually it was a good kind of funny - sort of warm and tingly like. In fact, sometimes it felt so good that he thought maybe his pecker was going to jump right out of his pants!

Despite the inappropriateness of it all, Herb soon found himself completely obsessed with his aunt - to the point that he had started plotting ways to get a peek at her in the buff. And after many unsuccessful tries, his lucky day finally arrived when he had burst into her room and caught her making her bed while wearing nothing more than a flimsy nightshirt.

Bent over the bed as she was, Herb's eyes immediately locked onto his aunt's naked ass.

"Oh my g-gosh!" the awestruck boy stammered as he stared at his aunt's asshole and hairy cunt.

Upon hearing Herb enter, Aunt Dee had let out a scream and then grabbed the boy painfully by the ear. She then quickly escorted him out the door, sternly chiding him for entering a woman's room without knocking first.

That night, Herb had a vivid dream of his aunt, seeing her standing in her bedroom as before, but this time with her round ass stripped completely bare.

In his dream, his aunt had turned around silently, exposing her hairy pussy and full, round breasts for the boy to see.

As his aunt gazed at him in his dream, a knowing smile spread across her lips and she slowly rolled over onto her side, once again favoring the boy with a view of her opulent rear end. For reasons the boy didn't yet understand, seeing his aunt all naked like that brought him a kind of excitement he'd never known before.

Holding his eyes with a smouldering gaze, his aunt turned around and seductively started to get up on her knees. In his sleep, the 12 year-old boy began to sweat and breathe heavily.

Soon his aunt was up on all fours before him, her hairy clamshell and pink asshole peeking out at him from betweeen fleshy ass-cheeks. She seemed to be waiting for him to do something, but as a naive and innocent 12 year-old, Herb simply wasn't equipped to understand what that might be. He tossed and turned in his sleep, his mind in a whirl. Then, suddenly waking up in a feverish sweat, the boy was unnerved to find his little pecker all stiff and throbbing and his undershorts inexplicably soaked in some sort of slippery goo.

The following year, when Herb had been thirteen, his family had gone on vacation with Auntie Dee. And as it happens, the vacation place was on a remote farm with no indoor plumbing. Of course the adults all viewed the primitive shower hut and outdoor privy as something of an annoyance, but Herb quickly realized that it might present him with a way to once again satisfy his yen to see his shapely aunt bare-ass naked.

The morning after they arrived, Herb made up his mind to surreptitiously follow his aunt to the shower hut. And once there, his efforts immediately bore fruit when his aunt pulled down her panties....

...and then hiked up her dress, unknowingly favoring the wide-eyed young boy with a view of her delicious ass.

Scarcely able to breathe, Herb's peachfuzzed balls began to tingle as he stared excitedly at his aunt's curvaceous bottom.

Much to the boy's delight, his aunt then braced herself against the door and bent over - exposing her hairy snatch and pink pussy lips for the boy to see.

"What is she doing?" Herb wondered to himself. Then he gasped as his aunt started spraying a stream of pee from her cunny all over the ground!

Thusly relieved, Dee then went inside the shower hut. Searching desperately for a way to see in, Herb was thrilled to discover that the hut had a hole drilled into it. Whether by some resourceful farmboy who had a craving to see his sister or by a farmhand who lusted after the boss's wife, Herb did not know. All he knew, as a boy of thirteen, was that this was his big chance to see his aunt stripped to the buff! And he was soon rewarded when Aunt Dee, once inside, pulled off her dress and displayed her pale, ripe body for the young boy's pleasure.

As she first wet, then soaped, and finally scrubbed her delicious ass-globes and titties, Herb found his pecker growing stiff, and he instinctively started rubbing it up and down with his hand, finding that this gave him pleasure.

As he excitedly watched his aunt soaping her bush and then rubbing her hand into her crotch, Herb started to wonder what it would feel like if it was actually his Auntie Dee that was rubbing his cock for him......

As this thought penetrated the young boy's mind, something very new happened - a feeling of warm, fuzzy ecstasy spread over his entire body and some sort of hot, slippery stuff started squirting out from the tip of his swollen prick!

Later on during that same trip, Herb's parents had decided to embark on an all-day hiking expedition. However, Dee had begged off, saying that she felt a bit tired and wanted to spend the day relaxing alone on the patio. So, the rest of them set out, leaving Dee to her own devices.

As he walked along, Herb couldn't stop thinking about his aunt. And after a few short minutes, he decided to fake a twisted ankle - a feigned injury that would allow him to return to the farmhouse; unexpected and unannounced. Once there, the boy crept around to the back of the house where he found his aunt sitting on the patio looking at a movie magazine. Then, Herb's eyes bugged out of his head when he realized that Auntie Dee was wearing nothing more than a flimsy robe, her naked tits and hairy cunt exposed for the whole world to see!

As his aunt gazed intently at one of the pictures in her magazine, Herb watched in wonder as one of her hands started to stray down to the hairy cleft between her thighs...

Herb's little-boy pecker instantly became stiff as a stick in his pants. And after unzipping the fly to let it out, he started rubbing himself like he'd done before at the shower hut. Straining to see what his aunt was up to "down there", Herb suddenly slipped and made a noise that caused her to start. At first, Herb froze as Dee peered around, looking for the source of the noise. But when she climbed up on her hands and knees to look into the house, her hairy twat and rosy pink anus now in plain view, the boy couldn't help but to start rubbing his stiff little penis harder than ever.

Eventually his aunt's gaze strayed to the corner of the house where Herb was hiding and he had to quickly pull his head back so as not to be discovered. Then, feeling light-headed, he sank to the ground with his rock hard pecker still in his hand. The image of his aunt on all-fours, her dusky bumhole peeking out at him from between her round ass-cheeks, was emblazoned in the boy's mind, and before he knew it his enthusiastic rubbing of his pubescent penis had caused the hot, slippery goo to come squirting out once more.

During the ensuing years, Herb often jerked himself off while thinking about his sexy Aunt Dee getting all naked at the shower hut.

And as he learned more about what men and women could do to each other to make themselves feel as good as he did when he pulled his pudding, Herb started splashing his spunk while fantasizing about sliding his rigid cock into his aunt's wet, hairy quim.....

....or better still, fucking her in her tight little asshole!

Still laying on his bed, Herb started stroking his fat prick faster and faster as he fantasized about buttfucking his Aunt Dee. "I've got to have her!" he thought feverishly.

Feeling his cum building up pressure to the point that it was just about ready to spurt again, he suddenly stopped. "No!" he thought to himself as he stuffed his aching prick back into his shorts. "I don't want to jerk off like some little boy. Not now, not anymore!"

Lacking any sort of actual plan, Herb let his throbbing tool do his thinking for him and headed out the door. Seeing no sign of his aunt in the hallway, he quietly tip-toed up to her room, wincing when a floorboard creaked. He then froze when he heard a low moan coming from behind the white door. Was she sick? But no, there it was again; a long, drawn out sigh breaking into a whimper. There was nothing sick about that sound! It was like the little groans Herb had been making when Aunt Dee had burst through his door and caught him masturbating!

His curiousity piqued, Herb carefully cracked the door open and peeked in. And at first, he saw only the bed with its white crochet spread. He had to look in at an angle to see something more than that. And he could not believe his eyes! There, upright on the dresser, leaning against the mirror, was his "fuck book", a magazine swiped from his father that showed young boys and mature women fucking and sucking. The magazine was open to a color photograph, a close-up of an angry red, veined prick spitting thick, white cum all over a milfy woman's ass.

Cracking the door open some more and peeking around the corner, he could just see a luscious pair of female legs, the skirt up high, exposing smooth, white thighs. Herb squeezed his head against the wood as hard as he could until he could see what Aunt Dee was doing. Her hand was between her thighs, jerking rapidly up and down as if she were strumming a guitar, and all the while, from her half-open mouth she let out these little whimpers and moans.

Herb's cock started to throb when he realized what Aunt Dee was up to. She was diddling herself! She was looking at a full-color photo of a boy's prick squirting spunk and strumming her clit. She must be imagining that that prick was creaming all over her ass!

Aunt Dee was gasping and squirming, her bare ass grinding against the seat of her chair, her dark hair over her flushed face, eyes closed, as she lifted both bare feet off the carpet and put them up on the dresser top. Herb's cock was so hard, it hurt. He could not believe this! Sure, he'd seen his aunt naked before, but now he was seeing her, this beautiful woman more than twice his age, about to get herself off!

Aunt Dee had spread her legs so wide that Herb could see the coral pink slit in her black bush. She seemed to be having trouble getting herself satisfied though, because her head was thrown back and her lips were open, revealing her white, even teeth, as she puffed and strained.

Clearly frustrated, Aunt Dee stood up and pulled her dress up over her head, exposing her naked ass; fat, round cheeks that trembled as she impatiently flung the dress on the bed. And what an ass! A real woman's ass, full and plump and made for squirming under a male while he fucked her good and hard as she needed to be reamed.

Aunt Dee laid back on the bed, and for the first time Herb saw her full-fleshed tits in the raw. The nipples were a dusky rose as she fingered them to make them stiff.

Herb shook his head as he remembered the prim and proper Aunt Dee that had received him only yesterday. She had told him that she hoped he was as clean in mind as a Christian should be, and went on to lecture him about the importance of a growing boy taking cold baths before going to bed, and on the merits of tennis and other exhausting sports to keep his mind filled with wholesome thoughts. Now, this same forty-two year-old aunt was stripped down in her bedroom and fingering herself while thinking about spunking cock. That's what Aunt Dee was doing!

Moaning for a cock, Dee squeezed her boobs and ground her thighs together while sliding her fingers deep inside her hairy snatch.

Fully aroused, Herb started stroking his stiff cock while he watched his aunt finger-fucking herself, opening her snatch wide, showing the wet, dark-red inner skin, thrusting two, three, four fingers up into herself and ringing her snatch.

As Herb continued stroking his aching prick, he could see that his aunt was still not getting the relief she wanted and needed. Frustrated, she flung open her dresser drawer, reached in and pulled out.... a vibrating dildo! Now, Herb had heard that women fucked themselves with dildos, but he would have never believed it of his prissy aunt. But there it was, and she was about to shove it up her burning quim!

As Herb beat his meat, he wondered if both their problems would not be solved were he to walk in and offer to shove his aching rock-hard rod up his aunt's hot love tunnel.

The thought nearly made him spill his spunk. But he kept it in, watching as his aunt turned on the vibrator and started running it over her tough little nipples.

Next, she started sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth like she was blowing a cock. Captivated, Herb had to suppress a moan as the slippery pre-ejaculate started to ooze from the tip of his throbbing tool.

Herb watched as his Aunt Dee then bent her knees, slid the tip of the dildo past her thick labia, and then started to ride up and down on the plastic rod.

As she dildo-fucked herself, she turned in circles, so that Herb could see her trembling ass-cheeks one second, and her heavy boobs and hungry cunt, sucking on the dildo as if it were a coral-lipped mouth, up and down, up and down, the next.

Still unable to achieve an orgasm, Dee laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide and slid the vibrator back up inside her swampy snatch.

Working the dildo in and out of her slippery fuck hole, Dee then started fingering her enflamed clitoris. "Ohhhhh... yesssss..... Ohhhhhh, take me my sweet boyyyyy", she hissed between clenched teeth.

Herb's ears perked up at that, but what happened next was almost beyond his wildest imagination. The boy's mouth dropped open in sheer dumbstruck shock as his aunt slid the dildo down to her dusky pink asshole...

...and into her ass!

Dee feverishly fingered her clit as she gently slid the tip of the vibrator in and out of her butthole, moaning and whimpering all the while.

Herb started breathing heavily as he stroked his aching rod, staring in wonder as his Aunt Dee struggled to press the dildo deeper into her asshole.

Dee winced and gasped as she forced the vibrating rod further up her butt. "Oh yesss, ohhhh you naughty boyyyyyyy!" she moaned huskily.

Dee was working the tip of the dildo in and out of her asshole rapidly now. "Ohhhh!! Ohhhhh yesss!!! Ohhhh, Herbieeeeeee!!!" she cried out in her lust.

Watching his aunt sticking a dildo up her own butt had brought Herb's stroking to a fever pitch, but hearing her calling out his name while doing so was more than the boy could stand. With a loud moan, he thrust his hips forward and let the hot jets of spunk fly!

With the dildo still shoved up her asshole, Dee looked up in shock and saw her nephew standing in the doorway stroking his enormous prick and spraying hot white cum in every direction!

"Oh no! Oh my god Herbie, no!" the woman cried out in shame and embarassment.

Mortified, Dee suddenly flew into a rage. "This is absolutely the last straw, young man! How dare you!" she screamed as she flew off the bed. Reaching for Herb's ear, she pulled him into the room. With her other hand, she grabbed a long, wine-colored nightgown and covered herself.

Holding the boy by the ear, Dee dragged him over to her bed and tore off his underpants. Herb was amazed at the strength of the woman as she flung him about as if he was a doll. Dee's face was white with fury. Her nostrils flared and her red lips were drawn into a narrow slit. She looked like a madwoman, a possessed creature, and Herb was actually afraid of her.

"You are a disgusting little beast!" Dee hissed through clenched teeth as she pulled her teenaged nephew, his oozing cock now shrunken and flacid, across her lap.

Dee's gown fell back from her bare legs, and Herb noticed the contrast of his suntanned body against the woman's ivory skin. But the portion of his body that Dee concentrated on was not tan, it was his pale ass-cheeks. Aunt Dee's palm smacked against his naked ass with such fury that Herb winced.

"Filthy brute!" Dee raged. "I give you a place to stay when nobody else would, and this is how you repay me?!"

Smack! The woman's palm came down on the boy's naked bottom again.

"You show up out of the blue, beg me to put you up, promise to behave, and the first chance you get, you do a sinful, perverted thing like that?!"

Smack! Dee's hand slapped the boy's quivering ass-cheeks.

"Incorrigible!" Smack!

"That's what you are!" Smack!

"If they'd given you a good licking in that reform school," Smack!

"Instead of letting you run away," Smack!

"You would have thought twice before doing a filthy, nasty thing like that!"

Smack smack smack! Aunt Dee spanked the seventeen-year-old boy's naked behind again and again.

Spank Spank Spank!

Even with his ass a bright red from the painful spanking, Herb nevertheless felt his prick starting to stir as he writhed across his aunt's lap.

The boy also noticed that his squirming was starting to get Aunt Dee a bit flustered as well, so before every smack he raised his naked ass up to give his aunt a good view of his junk. And once or twice, as Dee's palm struck right across his wide-open crack, Herb could have sworn that she let her fingers linger on his hairy ballsack for just a fraction of a second longer than necessary before administering the next spank.

Aunt Dee was seriously flushed now. And whether from the exertion of giving her nephew a good spanking or from accidentally touching the boy's fuck equipment, Herb could not tell. But evidently it was the contact of her hand on his exposed scrotum, because she stopped spanking him with her hand and instead grabbed her hairbrush, bringing that down three times each with an earsplitting crack on the boy's rear end. This time red welts rose on his ass and he cried out in real pain.

As Dee prepared to push Herb off of her lap and send him back to his room, she was stunned to find that the boy's dribbling cock had started to engorge all over again - even after all of the punishment she'd administered. Or perhaps because of it!

"For heaven's sake Herbie, can't you even control yourself when you're being punished??" Dee fumed in frustration.

Suddenly aware that her nephew's fat cock was now dangling perilously close to her still moistened vagina, Dee paused for a moment and cleared her throat nervously.

"I'm so very sorry to have to hurt you this way Herbie, but you simply must learn to fight your sinful urges" she said, running her hand almost lovingly over the boy's smarting bottom.

An electric thrill ran through Herb's body at his aunt's gentle touch, and with mixed feelings he felt his prick rapidly stiffening. "Oh gosh!", the boy thought helplessly, "I'm getting a boner!".

Dee's eyes opened wide and her vagina started to gush when she felt the boy's penis hardening between her legs. "Filthy little pig!" she screamed and then started paddling Herb's naked bottom with renewed fury.

As Dee ferociously paddled his ass, Herb discovered that humping his cock against the soft, inner flesh of her thighs in time to each of her angry spanks brought him delirious pleasure, his cock swelling ever larger with each thrust of his slim hips.

After another dozen or so spanks, Herb suddenly felt a gentle female hand furtively probing between his legs. "Oh my god, Auntie Dee is touching my cock!" Herb thought to himself incredulously when he realized what was happening.

"Still, Herbie?? Have you no shame?!?" Aunt Dee shrilled at the boy when she felt his enormous erection. "You pig! Why, I believe you're leaking on my leg!" she exclaimed.

Dee's gown had fallen open in her frenzy and Herb could see her hairy cunt and her tremendous tits, the nipples dark red, as she spanked his ass. And despite all of her admonishments about Herb supposedly being the "naughty" one here, she was the one with her fingers surreptitiously wrapped around her nephew's hard prick.

Even with his ass stinging from the spanks, Herb's pecker was harder than it had ever been in his entire life. And right then, with his aunt's horny hand gently wrapped around his cock, Herb knew that all of her protestations against sex were just a sham; a cover for her unsatisfied, burning woman-cunt. Auntie Dee needed to be fucked, Herb knew, and even as she kept paddling his bare ass as if he were a little boy, he knew that he was going to be the first one to shove male gristle into her red-hot quim with its thick, black bush. Overwhelmed by the thought and unable to control himself any longer, Herb let out a groan and started squirting thick, white cum all over his aunt's hand!

Dee furiously pushed Herb off of her lap and held up her hand, looking at the boy's pearly cum in disbelief. Then she fell face down on the bed, her shoulders shaking with sobbing and her jiggling ass-cheeks laid bare for Herb to see.

"Auntie Dee, what's wrong?" Herb asked with genuine concern, his eyes nevertheless riveted to his aunt's firm, shapely ass. "I didn't mean to... um, you know... on you. But you were, uh, well, you were, uh, touching me... and I... I, uh... Gosh Auntie Dee, I couldn't help myself!" the boy stammered.

The woman sobbed even harder. "G-g-go aw-w-w-way, please" she begged. "Oh, I-I'm s-so s-s-sorry, I d-d-don't know what got into m-m-me! Oh, I'm so-so-ashamed, I c-c-could die!". Dee's fat ass-cheeks trembled like jelly, and Herb saw that her thick pussy hair ran right up into the crack of her ass.

Herb sat down on the bed and touched her shoulder. "Please! Go away!" Dee whimpered. "Leave me alone, leave me alone!"

Dee's well-shaped, bare woman's feet beat a tatoo of frustration on the bedspread. The kicking made her fat ass-cheeks quiver, and despite having already come three times today (so far), the virile seventeen year-old's prick once again stirred at the sight.....

The idea of fucking a woman, a real, mature woman, excited Herb. He wondered if that full-fleshed delectable woman's body would feel different to his prick than a teenage girl's. He had a sudden desire to touch those woman's ass-cheeks, to run his hands over the smooth flesh and into the dark, hairy crack......

"Auntie Dee?" Herb tried, but the woman apparently did not hear him and kept on crying. Her thighs were slightly apart from her tantrum, and Herb's balls tingled when he saw the pink meat through the tresses of his aunt's hairy clamshell.

Stroking his pecker back to life, Herb took a moment to examine his aunt's fuck toy - still slippery from being inside her hot and horny asshole. "Please Auntie Dee, don't feel bad. It's OK, really. I mean, why fight it? I'm pretty sure we both want this, right?", Herb asked gently. But the woman made no reply.

With his dong already half hard, Herb got up onto the bed and laid his prick on his aunt's naked ass. The underside of his dick touched the cool woman-flesh, and the contact soon brought his rod fully erect once more.

Slowly, Herb started to rub his cock against the soft skin of his aunt's bum. And when he saw that she made no attempt to stop him, he tried touching the swollen tip of his pecker to her asshole.

"What...? Oh Herbie, no..." Dee managed in a confused whisper.

When the boy ignored her and tried to push his fat cock up into her ass, Dee suddenly roused from her tearful reverie.

"Herbie!" Dee cried out in alarm and turned over so that he fell off her.

Dee looked around as if regaining consciousness and then quickly fixed her gown. "Oh please, Herbie, go back to your room. I've never been so ashamed" she said and started to tear up again.

"Don't be, Auntie Dee. I know how it is, really I do" he said, patting her arm.

"Oh Herbie, what you must think of me! I've been such a weak and sinful creature" she said tearfully.

"You couldn't help yourself, Auntie Dee," Herb whispered as he slowly slid up her gown. "But really, it's only natural."

As Herb started to gently caress the pale, smooth skin of his aunt's outer thigh, she made one last half-hearted attempt at pulling her gown back down.

"We all have our needs Auntie Dee, it's just how God made us. And sure, saving yourself for 'Mr Right' is great and all, but don't you think you've waited long enough?", Herb asked tenderly.

"Um, Herbie.... you've had, ah, 'relations' with girls, haven't you?" Dee asked shyly, blushing a deep crimson as her eyes landed on the boy's hard prick.

"Relations?" Herb asked innocently.

"Um, yes... what I meant was sex, Herbie. And-oooh!" Dee's mouth made an "O" as Herb took hold of her hand and put it right on his stiff rod.

Shocked, Dee turned her head and jerked her hand away. But then, after a moment, she let it drop right back on Herb's pecker.

"Thank you, Herbie, for understanding," she said. Then, still holding onto his cock, she leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Herb's prick sprang to life in his aunt's hand, and she squeezed it rhythmically while she kept right on kissing him. Herb thrust his tongue into her mouth and she started breathing hard.

Dee pressed her enormous breasts into Herb's face and then started gently stroking his cock up and down, mimicking how she'd seen him pleasuring himself earlier that morning.

Herb reached for his aunt's titties and then ran his eager tongue over her nipples until she moaned. "My god!" he thought, "this is a woman, a full-grown woman, letting me feel her up, playing with my cock, and I'm going to screw her!"

Aunt Dee's gown was up around her thighs, and Herb ran one hand over her legs and up under it until he could feel the tender inner cheeks of her ass. The woman slid forward until her sopping wet vagina lay against Herb's fingers. Boy! She made no bones about what she wanted!

A waft of cunt odor, strong and exciting, came from between his aunt's thighs. Through the tangle of coarse cunt-hair, Herb felt for her twat and slid two fingers up inside her. She jerked his prick and brought her other hand up to cup his nuts, feeling his male equipment with hungry, impatient hands.

As Herb finger-fucked his aunt, she leaned over and kissed him again, both of her hands now working on his prick; rubbing it, feeling it, her sensitive fingertips examining the swollen, sinuous veins, the knob, and the tip leaking clear juice in anticipation of the fucking that Herb knew would come. His tongue entwined with that of his middle-aged aunt, and Herb suddenly felt the full power of the mature woman's sexuality. This would be different than fucking a high-school girl who knew how to move her ass and cunt but had none of the powerful sexual magnetism of this woman!

Already sweating and breathing hard, Herb got up on his knees and held his throbbing tool in front of his aunt's full lips. "Want to kiss it?", Herb asked her.

"What...?" Dee recoiled, wrinkling her nose as her prudish instincts kicked in once more.

"You mean you want me to...." she trailed off, gazing bemusedly at the boy's swollen pecker with her beautiful green eyes.

"Yes, kiss my prick" Herb answered.

"Oh Herbie... I don't know..." she replied hesitantly.

Herb laid back. "Look, if you're nervous, I'll just close my eyes, OK?"

"Oh dear, OK... Um, where should I...?" she asked, her full lips poised over the boy's enormous rod.

"The head, Aunt Dee," Herb said. "Kiss the head, right there where that little knot of skin is.... yes!" he exclaimed as his aunt gently pressed her lips just to the right spot.

"Is that good, Herbie?" Dee asked shyly as she licked the boy's cock like a lollypop.

Taking Herb's moans as a "yes", she then took the knob of her nephew's cock into her mouth and started tongueing it.

Herb knew that she wanted cock and was giving him head to get it good and hard for her. She was not an experienced cock-sucker, Herb thought. But what she lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm!

Herb looked down at his forty-two year-old aunt blowing him, and his prick became iron hard at the idea. Here was a perfectly beautiful grown woman lying bare-ass naked on the bed, sucking his prick for him!

Only yesterday, Herb would never have dared to imagine that he'd be lying here with his prudish aunt on her bed, her using her mouth to get his prick hard enough for him to fuck her. And Aunt Dee was really hungry for cock! She held the base of his cock-shaft and worked on the head, her cheeks sucking in with her exertions.

Aunt Dee's mouth was doing things to him that Herb would never have imagined possible. With the soft inner pads of her lips, she nibbled the underside of his cock, slightly back from the tip where the nerves were most sensitive. Herb groaned in ecstasy and had to bite his fist just to keep from splooging in his aunt's mouth!

Dee sat ass-down and Herb reached over and fondled those cushions of flesh, those delicious ass-cheeks that would make all the difference between fucking this woman and screwing a teenage girl. Not that girls hadn't been able to make him get his nuts off, but with a mature woman, a fuck was something else. Herb fingered his aunt's snatch, feeling its squishyness against his fingers, and then he wondered how it would feel sticking his nose up between her ass-cheeks and sniffing her hot twat, maybe even licking it for her.

"Want me to lick your cunny, Auntie Dee?" Herb asked.

In answer, the woman spread her legs wide and knelt with her ass raised, her puckered asshole and hairy pussy inches from the boy's face. Herb put his nose between his aunt's thighs and inhaled deeply. Her vagina was freshly washed, but the pungent odor of a sexually aroused woman was strong. As he inhaled the slightly sweaty fragrance of her quim and asshole, he looked in wonder at this wanton display of her femaleness. Fringed by a pubic beard of dark pussy hair, Dee's cunt lips were coral-pink, swollen and inflamed with lust. "Aunt Dee, I'm going to fuck you", Herb thought. "I'm going to fuck that fat ass right off you!" Then he buried his face in her hairy snatch.

Herb licked his aunt's sopping wet slit and then sucked on her cunt-meat, tasting her. Dee's enormous ass-cheeks enveloped the boy's face as she wriggled and moaned atop him, her soft, warm mouth working on his prick, her tongue darting around his stiff meat, licking up every drop of pre-cum that oozed from its throbbing tip. She was all animal, presenting her hot vulva for the boy's inspection, while she readied his meat for plunging into her turgid crack. Herb saw the dark-rose clam of his aunt's cunt, the puckered, pink ring of her asshole above it, framed by the fattish, velvety cheeks of her womanly ass. Fuzzy dark hairs covered the inner curves of her buttocks, the black down becoming thicker near the female fuck-holes.

As he ran his eager tongue around the rim of his aunt's snatch, Herb felt her spread her ass-cheeks even wider. Her hot, wet woman-cunt was glued to his face, and as he sucked her cunt-flesh Herb swallowed her salty quim juice. He still could not believe that this was happening to him! Good Gosh, he was lapping Auntie Dee's cunt!

Aunt Dee inhaled his male gristle, running her soft mouth up and down its entire length, tonguing it as she went. Herb had never dared to dream of a girl sucking him off like that, let alone the woman of his dreams - his sexy Aunt Dee!

The cleft of Dee's snatch was drooling love-juice as Herb tongued her groove and then sucked on her tough little clit. When he nibbled on her clit, the woman's belly and ass started to move in the gyrations of a fucking female, and knowing that he was about to slip meat to this woman brought Herb to the most raging hard-on he'd ever had.

Herb could tell that Auntie Dee really liked having her pussy licked, as she worked on his stiff prick with ever more enthusiasm as he ate her out.

As Aunt Dee wriggled and squirmed with her ass on top of Herb's face, he reached up and started licking her asshole. And Aunt Dee really liked that because she moaned with pleasure and started sucking his cock so well that it was all Herb could do not to fill her mouth with cum!

Herb rimmed his aunt's asshole some more, then when he felt his cum building up pressure almost to the point of no return, he pushed the woman off him and rolled her over. A demure smile spread across his aunt's lips as she looked at him expectantly.

"I'm ready for you, Herbie" she whispered.

"Oh Auntie Dee..." Herb started, his voice breaking with emotion as Dee took hold of his cock, preparing to guide it in. "Ever since I was 12 years old I've watched you, wanted to see you naked. And I did, at the house and then that summer at the farm. And Auntie Dee, I've dreamt of doing this with you forever! Oh gosh, Auntie Dee, I'm crazy for you!"

Slowly, Dee leaned back, drawing Herb toward her by his prick, parting her soft, fleshy thighs until her wet, hot woman-cunt lay exposed.

"Be gentle, Herbie," Aunt Dee said, "I've never... well, you're the first, you know."

Herb nodded and then slowly slid his hard prick up into his aunt's slippery vagina. The boy could feel the heat of her belly and his balls dangling against her puckered asshole as he pressed his meat inside her.

Her virginity finally taken, Dee's mouth opened wide and her eyes rolled back in bliss. "Ohhhhh yessss..... Ohhhh Herbie...." she moaned.

When he was on top of his aunt, he felt himself engulfed by her body. Her tits under him were flattened globes of flesh, but it was Aunt Dee's fat, round ass under him that made Herb feel the difference between this woman and all the girls he'd fucked before.

Boy was his aunt tight in the snatch! And when she started to move those powerful hips, the boy started to breathe as hard as she.

Herb started sliding his prick in and out of his aunt, feeling the cushion of her ass, the limitless depth of her cunt that gripped his pecker tightly and massaged its length with elastic walls. "I'm fucking Auntie Dee!" he thought in wonder, "My gosh, I'm really fucking her! My cock is way up her cunt-hole, sliding in and out, all squishy and warm!"

Herb's strokes increased as the thought penetrated his mind that he was slipping his meat to his aunt, making her pussy feel good, giving pleasure to that big, wonderful ass that he had seen naked in her bedroom and later on at the farm. That ass was under him now, bouncing up at the end of every one of his thrusts, as the woman cried out in her lust.

Aunt Dee's cunt gave pleasure even if Herb did not move his cock. Herb had heard older boys talking about how one girl was a better lay than another, and until now he had never understood how that could be. Maybe if a girl was especially good-looking, he had figured, she would make a better lay than a homelier one. But he had always imagined that any cunt would feel the same - like his first maybe, only warmer and wetter. But Auntie Dee had turned out to be a most wonderful lay. And when he started to rub up against the walls of her cunt-sheath, it felt so good that Herb thought he would shoot his spunk before he'd given his aunt the good cunt-reaming that she craved.

Rotating his ass, Herb started fucking his aunt harder. She folded her soft thighs around him, and he could feel her tender, inner ass-cheeks caressing his balls.

Jeez, what a woman! And it was a woman he was fucking, not a schoolgirl. That was woman-ass there under him, grinding away, taking in his meat, while his chest pressed against her large, soft woman's tits. He never knew anything could feel this good! Dee's soft woman-flesh was drawing his spunk from him, the tight rim of her cunt moving up and down on his ten inches of hard man meat. Grabbing her ass-cheeks, Herb felt his fingertips in the crack of his aunt's butt, the middle finger touching her velvety-soft asshole. Dee moaned as he massaged her anus, while he drove his ten inches of cock way up into her belly.

Aunt Dee moved her majestic ass slowly and rhythmically, giving her fucker the greatest pleasure he had ever felt. This woman had sucked his cock and let him fuck her. How lucky I am to have a woman, a beautiful, desirable woman - one that men in the street go hard for - as my own to fuck and suck and be fucked and sucked by in return, Herb thought as he rode his aunt.

Herb's prick slipped in and out of his aunt's hot, tight cunt, making her moan with pleasure. "You're not a virgin anymore, Auntie Dee," Herb whispered. "My prick is going in and out of your cunny. How do you like it?"

"I love it, Herbie I... Oh lord forgive me, I never knew anything could feel so good..." Aunt Dee said with a sigh. And she ground her magnificent ass under him so that he felt that he could not hold back any longer and he wanted to fill this woman with his spunk. This woman, his aunt, was probably the best lay in the whole world, Herb thought, as he shoved his cock in and out of her gripping cunt.

"Ohhhh yessss! Oh, faster Herbie, faster!" his aunt urged breathlessly as Herb fucked her. "Love me! Oh, love me!" she cried out as she started to get off, her nails digging into Herb's back, and her legs closing so tightly around him that he could scarcely breathe.

But he kept right on giving her cock in swift, strong jabs, while she whimpered in the throes of another come, moving her naked hips under him, warm and womanish, until he thought he could hold back no longer and fill his aunt's womb with spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum.

Aunt Dee's cries of lust at first unnerved Herb, but as he felt the woman rising to new heights of sexual pleasure, he became proud that he was the one feeding the fire of his aunt's sexual desire with his good stiff rod of male gristle. He grunted as he thrust into his aunt, watching her beautiful face, the green eyes shut, as she became lost in her orgasmic pleasure.

"Wow! I made Auntie Dee come!", Herb thought excitedly. But then he remembered that painful and humiliating spanking she had just given him. "OK, that's it", he thought to himself, "now it's my turn."

Aunt Dee half opened her eyes as her nephew pulled his cock from her slippery slit and turned his attention to her rosy asshole. "Oh, did you finish, Herbie?" she asked breathlessly.

"Not yet, Aunt Dee, not yet" Herb answered slyly. "You need to turn over" he said, and then rolled his aunt over onto her stomach.

"OK, now up on your knees", Herb said.

"Um... like this Herbie?" Dee asked hesitantly.

"No, Aunt Dee. Higher" the boy instructed.

"Oh dear, this seems very naughty, Herbie", Dee said, her cunt nevertheless creaming at the idea of her nephew taking her from behind.

"Good, now stick your butt out" Herb said excitedly.

Still clinging to the last vestiges of her prudishness, Dee only reluctantly arched her back and then spread her velvety ass-cheeks apart for the boy.

"Legs apart, Aunt Dee," Herb ordered. "Wider." Then he grabbed her large ass-cheeks and pulled them apart so that her hairy cleft showed, her asshole winking pink through the growth of hair.

"Good, good.... just like that, Aunt Dee...." Herb whispered, his cock throbbing in anticipation.

More aroused than he'd ever been in his life, Herb touched the tip of his swollen pecker to his aunt's tight pink hole...

...and then started pushing the fat head up into her ass.

"Herbie, what are you doing?!" Dee asked nervously.

"Oh Herbie, please, no! Not there!" Aunt Dee said, wincing.

"My gosh, her ass is tight!", Herb thought. Growing impatient, he shoved roughly, causing his aunt to scream in pain!

"Unnnngggghhhhh! Herbie! No! Stop!" Dee hollered as Herb's thick cock threatened to tear her clenched asshole to pieces.

"Not in my bottom, Herbie, please! I'm too small for that!" she pleaded.

"OK, OK, hang on..." Herb said impatiently as he spread his aunt's taut ass-cheeks and ran a finger through the slippery, wet slit of her quim and then on up into her soft bunghole.

"Please Herbie, you know what the bible says about sodomy! It's.... well, it's very sinful!" Dee protested as Herb thrust his finger into her anus.

"No, really, it's OK Aunt Dee. Um, I think it was Sister Rebecca who told me that it's not really sinful if you, uh, y'know, can't make a baby. Or something like that anyway", the boy said reassuringly as he gently ran his finger around the outside of his aunt's tight hole, rimming it and relaxing the sphincter muscles.

Dee squirmed and moaned as Herb slid his finger deeper into her asshole, gently stretching it open wider and wider. "Well, if it's what you really want to do, I don't suppose there's much I can do to stop you..." she said in both resignation and anticipation.

"Trust me, you're going to love this Auntie Dee - it's the best!", Herb enthused as he fingered his aunt's butthole.

"Ohhhhhh Herbie..... Oh dear..... I... We.... Ohhhhhhhh......" Dee trailed off in blissfully conflicted confusion as her nephew continued to massage her anus.

His rock hard cock throbbing in his hand, Herb pulled his finger from his aunt's ass.....

.....and then plunged in with his tongue!

"Oh yesssss! Ohhhhhh Herbie!" Dee cried out in ecstasy as Herb bathed her asshole in his slippery saliva.

Getting back up on his knees, Herb took one last moment to admire his aunt's virginal bumhole.

"This is it!", the boy thought excitedly as he stared at his aunt's asshole, all wide open and inviting. "It's finally going to happen! I'm going to buttfuck Auntie Dee!"

Herb put the hard rod-head of his prick against the rim of his aunt's anus and then started to press forward.....

This time the head slid right in, and Herb started slowly pressing his stiff shaft into his aunt's rectal passage. "Oh my heavens!" Dee exclaimed as her asshole stretched around her nephew's tool.

Dee squirmed as her nephew slowly slid his cock further up into her butthole. "Such a naughty, naughty boy...", she whispered throatily.

Once inside his aunt's ass, Herb's prick somehow swelled even larger. "And so big!", she gasped, her pale bottom-globes spread wide, her asshole wrapped around her nephew's solid prick as it slid into her bum.

Dee winced as Herb thrust his pecker even further up into her tight ass. "Oh my! Go slow Herbie, go slow!" she gasped.

"So, how do you like it, Auntie Dee? You spanked my bottom, and now I'm fucking yours in return," Herb asked as he pressed more meat into his aunt's tight asshole.

"But Herbie, it's so dirty and sinful!" Dee protested between gasps.

"No, no. Like I said, it's OK as long as we're not trying to make babies", Herb said with a grunt.

"Oh Herbie, you know I don't believe that for one second...." Dee replied skeptically.

"It is sinful and it is dirty and I'm sure you must think I'm a terrible slut for letting you take me this way... But if this is how the Lord has chosen to punish me for all my wickedness and shameful hypocrisy, then so be it" she said, wincing and gripping the bedsheets tightly as her nephew rammed his cock deep into her ass.

"Trust me Auntie Dee, this is not punishment - you'll see!" Herb said reassuringly.

Pushing his rod deep into his aunt's butt, Herb couldn't believe how perfectly her asshole fitted around his thick cock. The mature woman's ass was warm, wet and best of all, tight, so that as he fucked in and out, Dee's rectum massaged his swollen rod of hard gristle. As he sank his hot tool into her butthole, it was all he could do to restrain himself from squirting too soon!

Herb placed his hands on Aunt Dee's full, ripe breasts and used the leverage to thrust his cock deep into her velvety asshole.

"Herbie? Can you please play with my, ah... 'organ'?" his aunt begged, putting her finger on her swollen clitoris.

Herb found his aunt's clit, and she flinched as he touched the raw little nub.

However, pleasure soon overcame pain, and as Herb rubbed the hard little nut between thumb and forefinger, Dee moaned and ground her naked ass against him until Herb thought he would flood her insides with his sperm.

"Oh yes! Oh, faster now Herbie, faster!" Dee moaned in ecstasy as her nephew slid the full measure of his thick 10" cock up her butt.

Herb felt his aunt's fat ass-cheeks against his thighs every time he rammed his prick into her bowels. THIS is what he had thought of most often while he had jerked off all these years - fucking his Aunt Dee in her beautiful, elegant ass!

Dee started arching her back and sticking her bottom out in rhythm to Herb's thrusts, emitting little whimpering moans as the teenager began fucking her in earnest. And although her asshole was immaculately clean, Herb noticed an exciting new aroma in the air - a musky mixture of sweat, cunt and ass.

The sight of his voluptuous aunt with her ass-cheeks spread wide, the wet, reddish-pink ring of her asshole running back and forth on his eager prick, drove Herb wild with lust. Her hairy, wet, split-open quim-pouch against his fingers, further sharpened his need to shoot spunk.

"So, you like my, ah, bottom?" Aunt Dee asked coyly.

"Ass, Auntie Dee," Herb grunted as he thrust his throbbing cock deep into his aunt's butt, stretching her asshole impossibly wide.

"I like your ass, Auntie Dee. You've got the greatest ass in the whole world, and that's why I'm fucking you in it!"

"Herbie!" his aunt reproached him, "do you have to talk dirty?"

"I'm not talking dirty, Aunt Dee, I'm telling you what I'm doing. I, a seventeen-year-old boy, am fucking you, a real grown-up lady, in your rosy and tight asshole. Do you like being buttfucked, Auntie Dee?"

Aunt Dee blushed. "Ohhhh, it's so wicked and naughty Herbie, and I shudder to think what it might say about me, but it feels sooooo good...." she trailed off throatily as she pushed her round ass back on her nephew's stiff rod.

"But Herbie, there is no way that people are ever going to understand this. So, promise me you'll tell no one, NO ONE, about the sinful things we've done. Will you do that?" she asked nervously.

"You mean that you don't want me to tell anyone that I buttfucked you, Auntie Dee?" Herb asked as he thrust his cock deep into her warm, slippery rectum.

"Uhnnnn!! Ohhhhhhhhhh... Yessss, that's right, Herbie", she managed.

"Then say it, Auntie Dee. Say what you mean", Herb ordered with a grin as he slapped his aunt's fat ass-cheeks.

"Please-don't-tell-anyone-that-you-buttfucked-me," the woman repeated hurriedly and then moaned as her teenaged nephew plunged his cock into her bowels with renewed gusto, giving her pleasure like she'd never known before.

The boy's fingering of his aunt's clit brought her to a renewed fever pitch and the woman started moving her big ass around and around as the boy's prick slid in and out of her anus. "Oh yes! Take me, Herbie! Oh, take me!" she cried out.

Dee's deliciously springy ass-cheeks wobbled like rubber with each strong thrust of the boy's swollen cock up into her slippery asshole. Herb had never experienced such joy and never wanted it to end! And so, with his nuts on the verge of exploding, he allowed his prick to momentarily slide all the way out of his aunt's butt in order to admire her now gaping asshole.

"Oh no, Herbie! Oh please! Put it back! Oh fuck me, Herbie. Fuck my bottom!" Dee begged as she reached back for her nephew's long rod and forced it back into her squishy asshole.

Needing no further encouragement, Herb rammed his fat cock deep into his aunt's ass and started pumping vigorously.

"Oh Herbie! Oh, it's so good! So good!" Dee moaned through gritted teeth. "Oh, faster Herbie, faster! Spill your seed in my bottom!"

"Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, Herbie! Fuck me hard!" Dee cried out lustfully, all of her prudish inhibitions finally gone.

Herb couldn't believe his luck - not only was his aunt letting him fuck her ass, she was actually begging him for it!

"Oh Auntie Dee, I love you so much!" the boy cried out, almost in tears. "I'm going to do it! I'm going to come in you!"

Suddenly, Aunt Dee's asshole started to spasm and she let out a loud holler as she popped off.

"I'm coming, Herbie! Oh lord, I'm coming!! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!!!!!" Dee screamed out as the overwhelming ecstasy of her anal orgasm overcame all of her other senses.

"Oh yes, Herbie! Oh yes! Oh, don't stop!" Dee cried out, completely lost in the carnal rapture of her come.

Dee's asshole gripped the shaft of Herb's cock tightly as she cried out in her bliss. Herb stared at his aunt's ass in wonder, his fat cock sliding in and out of her butthole. "I can't believe I really did it! I fucked Auntie Dee in the ass and made her come!" the boy marveled.

With that thought, Herb let out a gutteral moan and thrust his hips forward, shooting his huge load of hot, white cum way up inside of his aunt's rectum. His body shook violently with each frenzied spurt as wave after joyful wave of electric ecstasy washed over him.

Herb pulled his hips back for one final ecstatic thrust and then rammed every inch of his fat cock deep into his aunt's butt, feeling his nuts explode as the jets of hot spunk shot up into her bowels.

"Oh yes! Yes! Oh Herbie, fill my bottom!!" the woman cried out as Herb pumped her asshole to overflowing with his slippery boy juice.

"Ohhhhhhh!! Yesssss!!!! Yessssss!! Oh Herbie!" Dee cried out as she started climaxing again, her asshole clenching and unclenching Herb's squirting pecker.

"Oh my god! Oh Auntie Deeeeeeeeee!", Herb hollered as he extracted his cock from his aunt's bunghole and then started spraying her ass with a seemingly endless stream of slippery, hot jizm.

Finally, the two lovers, nephew and aunt, fell onto the bed in a sweaty heap, totally and utterly satisfied. Her nephew's copious spunk still oozing from her gaping asshole, Dee leaned over and kissed the boy gratefully on the lips. "Oh Herbie. Oh, that was wonderful!" she whispered blissfully.

Then, a sly smile slowly spread across Aunt Dee's sensuous lips. "So, um, Herbie? How long before we can do that again?"

And then, the rest of the story -

As unlikely as it may seem, Herb and Dee fell in love and lived happily together for many years. As rigidly religious people often do, Dee decided that her nephew showing up at her door must've been "God's Will" and thus was able to comfortably rationalize their unusual "situation" while still keeping her faith (albeit toned down to somewhat less fervant levels). Herb moved in permanently and the two enjoyed five cum-soaked years at Dee's house while he finished high school and then college. After that, they decided that the best way to maintain their taboo relationship was to move far away from friends and family, and so they did. And the glorious fucking and sucking continued right on up until Dee's rather abrupt and unexpected passing at the rather ironic age of 69. And yes, as an adult man now in his early 40's, Herb still pulls his pudding while fantasizing about fucking his Auntie Dee in her beautiful, elegant ass.